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About GREN

GREN brings together groups and individuals around Reading who care about sustainability, environment, climate change, conservation and planning issues.

GREN gives members a collective voice, takes action together and shares information, news and resources to help build a more sustainable world.


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Reading Hydro
Fri 1 November 2019

We have news!

At our public meeting on 24th October 2019 we were able to announce that it is looking like the project will be constructed during 2020. We now have a viable financial model which predicts a very good community benefits over the next forty years which is brilliant. We will be  launching our public share offer in late December and will be offering good interest rates to investors. 

Planting Verges in Reading for Pollinators
Sun 3 March 2019

Help needed for a new project.

Econet has started a research project to plant up some of Reading's roadside verges with plants for pollinators. We are looking for volunteers to identify a suitable patch near their house/work (in Reading Borough) that they would help to plant up and then monitor during the year.