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About GREN

GREN brings together groups and individuals around Reading who care about sustainability, environment, climate change, conservation and planning issues.

GREN gives members a collective voice, takes action together and shares information, news and resources to help build a more sustainable world.


To get the latest information about what’s going on in Reading, how you can join in or tell others about your local group. Register here.


Reading Climate Festival
Tue 23 May 2023

June is a busy month for events with environmental walks, talks, events, seminars from the 7th through to Show Your Stripes Day on 21st

Some events will have their own listings on this website, but not everything will get an individual post

This is the main website to check for activities within the Climate Festival.. they are all live now to start filling your calendar, 

Reading Climate Festival 8th-21st June. umpteen walks, talks and seminars in person and on Zoom including The Big Lunch at the Forbury on 16th June

there is an online or in-person at Reading Town Hall talk from Prof Ed Hawkins (developer of the climate stripes) on 21st June organised by the University