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Great News: UK will withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty
Sun 25 February 2024
Global Justice has campaigned against the Energy Charter Treaty for many years now , including writing to and meeting MPs across the country, including in Reading. 
The ECT allowscompanies to sue governments for the  anticipated financial losses if they were prevented from exploiting fossil fuel reserves due to government policies.  A huge barrier to climate change policies. 
Last Wednesday the government announced that the UK will withdraw t from the ECT because of the threat it poses to its net zero commitments.
Global Justice was quoted in the Guardian’s coverage of the decision (see link below) .
It is rare when campaigning on corporate power in the global economy to get such a clear moment when something big is won, and moreover when it unequivocally happened because of the work done by local activists.
A big thank you to all of you who signed the petitions, and an even bigger one to the core team of Global Justice in Reading
Global Justice will be at Beanpole Day at Caversham Court on 20th April campaigning for a fossil-fuel non-proliferation treaty - Global Justice Now’s main campaign this year. Come and talk with them.
Local Solar PV share offer update
Tue 13 February 2024

Reading Community Energy Society's current share offer closes on 19th February 2024 and, as of today, it is 2/3 filled, at that point they will open the share offer nationally.  They would rather local people could benefit from this scheme than to allow people further afield to partake of those benefits.

Reading Library of Things
Sun 21 January 2024

Reading Library of Things is open for donations and will open for lending to members on 9th February