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Local Nature Recovery Consultation
Mon 20 November 2023
'Engagement Survey' consultation open until 2nd January. "This is a call to action, to find out best how to engage with different communities."
For details of Berkshire LNRS see link and find link to 'Engagement Survey' at top right of page or further down.
Reading Transport Strategy 2040
Thu 21 September 2023

The draft transport strategy for Reading is open for consultation and comment until 11th December. The plan aims at reducing car usage in the town and encouraging walking, cycling and the use of public transport. Have a read and give your views

Draughtproofing and Insulation
Wed 20 September 2023

Draughtproofing and Insulation is a new book by Tony Cowling, GREN Treasurer and local energy activist, to be published on 26th September.

Publicity says: "Many households will be paying 10–15% more than they should on their heating bill because of draughts, and when a lack of insulation is also an issue, that figure goes up. However, many draughts are easily fixed, and for a little outlay a considerable sum can be saved. Insulation can often be installed by the homeowner and lead to a substantial reduction in heating bills. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of draughtproofing and insulation, with principles and techniques that can be applied in all homes.”

It will be available in paperback from the publisher or in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon ( ).