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GREN members create vision for a 'Sustainable Reading'

Over 20 GREN members from 15 of our groups came together on a hot Saturday morning in June to look into the future and envision what a truly sustainable Reading would look like. 

Working in groups we looked at what there is to celebrate about Reading now, what is problematic and what needs to change to create a sustainable future. Of course this includes issues directly touching on the environment such as energy use and transport, but for a truly sustainable town participants said we need to reduce inequality, increase social justice through access to key services like affordable housing, create an economy that meets the needs of all, not just big business, and support development of local independent businesses. 

GREN members also thought that creating more stable local communities, where people know and trust each other and get involved is really important to sustainability and building self-reliance. 

GREN's vision for a Sustainable Reading can be found here There is a lot more detail that lies behind this public statement in terms of the things that need to happen to bring about this vision - and a lot more work to be done.

GREN members propose to develop this community based vision through engaging a broad range of groups in the community, creating a shared agenda for change, taking joint action and political lobbying. If you would like to join in email