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"Quiz the Candidates" Reading East

With the general election campaign in full swing parliamentary candidates faced up to questioning from voters in Reading East constituency at the second Quiz the Candidates meeting organised by GREN members on Tuesday 13 April.

Reading East  parliamentary candidatesParliamentary candidates Anneliese Dodds (Labour), Gareth Epps (Liberal Democrat) and Rob White (Green Party) were grilled on their party policies on issues ranging across meeting targets for emissions cuts, introducing a 20 mph speed limit across Reading's roads and the sustainability of ever increasing economic growth and consumption. They were joined by Cllr Tom Stanway (Conservative) standing in for Rob Wilson MP, who chose not to prioritise this election event.

The question on a blanket 20 mph speed limit across Reading's roads to enable safer cycling and walking and encourage people out of their cars was the most well received on the night, gaining applause from the audience of over 50 voters. The three parliamentary candidates all declared themselves supportive of a 20 mph speed limit for all residential roads in Reading, with Green Party candidate, Rob White, calling for joint action around this consensus.

However, this call for political leadership on a key issue to bring about a significant change in behaviour in relation to emissisions reduction was not taken up. This highlighted a characteristic of candidates' approach seen in both GREN Quiz the Candidates meetings organised for the general election; a tendency toward following public opinion and offering small incentives to change, rather than bold leadership to tackle the climate crisis.

GREN would like to thank The Warehouse for hosting this event and waiving their normal hall hire fee.