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Developing new Reading Climate Action Plan this summer
Sat 6 April 2019

i'll post the event on the GREN site nearer the time, but this is advanced warning that the Reading Climate Action Network will start discussions about the Action Plan for 2020-2025 in the Council Chambers on 13th June. all views, ideas and (preferably) offers of help will be gratefully received. If you are sending out a newsletter to any of our groups before that date, please include it and invite people along.


Reading Hydro
Sun 31 March 2019

WOW, we finally managed to apply for pre-registeation with Ofgem on Thursday, if this is accepted we will have two and a half years to build the hydro scheme. The registration will be for Archimedean Screws but we will be allowed to change to VETT turbines which is already under investigation, lots of work to do now.

Thanks for all the support especially the pioneer share holders. 

Reading Community Energy Share Offer
Sun 10 March 2019

Reading Community Energy have now launched their latest share offer, for solar PV installations on 8-10 additional buildings in/around Reading. They are keen to attract local investors as far as is possible to help give the scheme a sense of local ownership. In early March they need around £280k more to carry out their plans, and hope to raise the money by 29th March. The details are on the link.