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Reading Climate Festival programme
Wed 15 September 2021

Reading Climate Festival - full programme on link - second attempt, sorry there were problems first time, hope this works. 

Avanti want to recruit an administrator.
Wed 1 September 2021

Avanti - the company behind the Reading Cycle Festival who specialise in cycle training - is recruiting for a 'Lead Area Administrator' - see . They also offer the nationally accredited 1st4Sport course which trains you to deliver Bikeability throughout the UK. See

GREN AGM and nominations for seat on the board of climate change partnership
Sun 29 August 2021

Hi all, we have broken our own rules over the last 18 months and not had meetings/agm. this is a heads up that we'll run an AGM in late October/early november after the town meal/climate change festival/ heritage open days..

One thing that will be on the agenda is the GREN nominee to the climate change partnership board. I've been on it for some time and, unless there are objections, i'll continue until the AGM. However, maybe someone else would like to do this in the future? please think about it now, ask me if you want to see the rules of engagement ( and be prepared to say "i'm up for it" at the AGM.

In the meantime please check out the range of activities, online and in person, coming up in september from grow your own mushrooms to the problems in getting climate change issues into trade talks.