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Local Elections ... are your candidates for nature?
Thu 8 April 2021

The Wildlife Trusts have created this opportunity for Councillors and election candidates to sign 'a pledge for nature' as evidence of their commitment. Please check if your local candidates have signed it, and if not ....

TVER wants more volunteers to survey wildlife
Wed 3 March 2021

Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you have experience in species identification and wildlife surveys? Would you like the opportunity to visit protected sites, contribute to TVERC’s records, and play a role in the success of the Berkshire Local Wildlife Sites Project? You may be able to help us!


Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) are looking for enthusiastic volunteer naturalists with good identification skills and an ability to work alone in the field to help out with additional species surveys on a range of Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) across the county of Berkshire. The LWS’s cover a range of habitat types including woodland, wetland, heathland, bog and grassland, and have the potential to support a variety of rare species.

Please note: Surveys and procedures are constantly being reviewed and will be undertaken in line with the UK government’s and CIEEMs latest advice on Covid-19.

To register your interest, please contact Caitlin Coombs, TVERC Biodiversity Officer, and we can discuss which sites you may be interested in and make further arrangements.

Reading Strategies for Trees and Biodiversity
Wed 3 March 2021

Reading has published revised Tree Strategy and revised Biodiversity Strategy - see link below.