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Calling Copenhagen

Calling Copenhagen! drew a packed house when local MP Martin Salter, climate campaigner Phil Thornhill debated the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December. Over a hundred people crowded the hall at RISC in London Street.

Reading-based climate scientist Professor Jonathan Gregory, co-author of a number of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, was on hand to explain man-made climate change and how the IPCC reaches its conclusions on current and continued warming.

Phil Thornhill of the Campaign Against Climate Change called for the government to declare a 'Climate Emergency' with measures such as an extensive public education campaign explaining the seriousness of the situation, creating a million green jobs and banning domestic flights.

Martin Salter MP explained the Government's position, agreed on the seriousness of the man-made climate threat and said politicians were waiting for pressure from the public to take action.

GREN had organised a Climate Change Message from Reading (RTF format) which 54 local groups have signed up to. The meeting agreed the message by unanimous acclaim, presenting it to Martin Salter who enthusiastically agreed to endorse it and present it to the Prime Minister.

GREN has asked for a response from the Prime Minister to the demands in the Climate Change Message from Reading and will post this on the web site as soon as this is received.