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About GREN

GREN brings together groups and individuals around Reading who care about sustainability, environment, climate change, conservation and planning issues.

GREN gives members a collective voice, takes action together and shares information, news and resources to help build a more sustainable world.


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Reading Climate Forum - series 2
Fri 2 September 2016

Here are the planned events for September to November. More detailed information will be published when available.

“Warm Homes – Cool Planet” - how to save on space-heating!
Tony Cowling and Ian Gough on practical steps to save energy.
Monday 26th September 7:45 at RISC in London Street.

Influencing the Local Plan Process
Prof. Gavin Parker and Kat Salter – Wednesday 5th October 7:00 at Reading Bicycle Kitchen, Jacksons Corner.

“Warm Homes – Cool Planet” – Low-Carbon Energy Techniques
Dr. Rayner Mayer on heat pumps; Dr. Sue Roberts on Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery; Lee Webster (Business Development Director, Anesco) giving an industry view. Monday 17th October 7:30 at RISC in London Street.

"Reading's Water Supply in a Changing World"
Michael Bright and Chris Beales on the issues and opportunities.
Friday 4th November – 7:45 at Quaker Meeting Rooms, Church Street.

“The effect of Architecture and Urban design on new buildings and refurbishments to achieve low environmental impact”
Professor Lorraine Farrelly has adopted our suggested topic for a School of Architecture public meeting. Thursday 17th November 2016. 6:00 pm in the School of Architecture Building, London Road campus, University of Reading.

More information on these meetings will be posted on when available.

These events promoted by the Greater Reading Environmental Network and funded by Reading Climate Action Network

Information about the first series held earlier this year is at


A poster version of this information is on the link - please print it off and publicise these events.